Irrelevant cyber notions, quotations, and other falderal. To paraphrase a quote by R.A. Heinlein, "The man who reads his own opinions, poetry, or other bric-a-brac in public, may have other bad habits as well” And I do, have other bad habits as well.


its 5 am

and I am on my second pot of coffee…  french press, caffiene rich, spoiled myself, coffee, second pot



it is damn fine coffee, however…

its fucking five o’clock in the morning and I am on my second pot of coffee. 

my apoligies world, in advance mind you, for anything i do later today, just because, well, yeah, it’s me, and I know, how I will be later today.  so.. sorry bout that but you should have been on tumblr, should have read my blog, and you should have taken the hint and got the hell outta my way!