Irrelevant cyber notions, quotations, and other falderal. To paraphrase a quote by R.A. Heinlein, "The man who reads his own opinions, poetry, or other bric-a-brac in public, may have other bad habits as well” And I do, have other bad habits as well.


aos lost me

ok my phone will not let me see what you replied, well i did see it, but took me a while. I’m having a hard time with this phone crap.

Agents of shield having lost my support my explanation is simple. In the comics coulson is, I won’t say a joke but I will say comic relief. however in the Marvel films Coulson has always been the guy. He was the guy who told stark he would taze him and watch Supernanny. He was the guy that talked to thor. And saw thru janes attempt at fake id.

However I’m watching agents of shield btw SPOILER alert coulson comes across Colonel what’s his name or general what’s his name meeting at the railing and I couldn’t watch it anymore. Coulson would have seen thru him right there and kicked his ass. I just shut it off and its bad enough what they do with sky and fitz and Simmons and May but writers fuck with phil and I’m done.


Boy that didnt take long. AoS lost my ass, and that takes a lot.



For the love of Sam Winchester!




So my first unguided attempt at chili. I stomached a bowl and a half before deciding this is what i would feed loki after new york.

only have phone

ok the damn Tumblr app doesn’t run on my phone it takes up like a bazillion megabytes of whatever but it is it doesn’t work time after time by using the browser and I’m going to throw the phone through the f****** wall

Don’t rain on my Darcyland-Parade.


I only noted now that there’s shit going down in the mcu fandom somewhere, because somehow people still think it’s necessary to voice their opinion on things that other people like in a most useless manner called anonymous wanking. Never cared for that.

So, for the Darcyland, have a random assortment of gifs with appropriate facial expressions for future reference to express how much we care about other people’s bullshit.

(Yeah, okay, I reorganised my gif folder and just want to share part of le pretty.)

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